Managing and developing websites for small and medium size companies in wholesale, distribution, supply, manfacturing, legal, health and construction markets.


The webSherpa™ web development team provides small and medium sized organizations with personal, qualified, intelligent and undivided attention to their web site creation, maintenance, hosting and ecommerce needs.

We aim to quickly understand our clients' goals and operations from the inside out, to recommend and implement economical solutions to your Web, Intranet and Internet needs.

Our goal is to drive more qualified visitors to your web site and to report on your web site's marketing and sales effectiveness.

We specialize in providing an ongoing service partnership so you can outsource your web site and shopping cart maintenance needs. It's having an experienced, expert webmaster look after your web site when you need it, without having to hire and constantly train a costly permanent employee.

We manage a small number of clients in the legal and supplier/distribution industries, and we tailor our service teams to meet the needs of your project and industry.

Most of our clients are located near Toronto, Ontario (GTA) and around Lake Ontario's Golden Horseshoe but the nature of the Internet means we can arrange teleconferences and webinars which helps keep us competitive throughout Canada and the United States.

We provide professional consultations, analysis of your web site statistics (who is visiting your site and why?), copywriting, French language translation, and other marketing and strategy functions.

for a no obligation, no pressure, plain language consultation today.

[We are always happy to hear from new clients, but you may wonder why this site is so spartan ... 99% of our work comes by referrals from our existing family of clients!]

Ask us about
webSherpatm Content Maintenance Services

Wordpress Development Expertise

"By the minute" Web Site Maintenance Service
We perform web maintenance on a per minute rate basis (minimum 15 minutes per incident)
billed to account clients on a monthly basis.
includes a timesheet work log delivered with each invoice,
and access to our online time management system
so you know "to the minute" what we are working on.

Database Application Development and Refurbishment
we not only create online database applications to handle your simple needs, but we also consult and assist you in the introduction of complex web portals for integration into your existing CRM, ERP, Inventory and Accounting Systems.

Automated Site Link Checking
(and managed link repair services)

includes report, checks dynamic internal links (.asp, .php, etc.), "embedded" links in objects such as Flash

Automated Site Down Checking
we monitor your site for free for down times and can initiate an investigation into problems,
or provide a record for your reference.

Search Engine Registration and Optimization
all our clients receive a free basic Search Engine Registration and Optimization of their pages upon a new installation. We continually strive to get our clients more qualified visitors, which translates into a succesful web site and a return on your investment in webSherpa's consulting services.

Managed eNewsletter Lists Service
includes sophisiticated reporting (who's using your emails), automated bounce management and subscription / unsubscription, forward to a friend. Pay per month or per campaign. Newsletter design services available.

PDF Active Fillable Forms, Online Forms and Flippable eBooks and Catalogs
collect data from your clients by having them fill out a PDF form on their desktop and fax it in, or by filling a form online and having the data securely sent, or added to a database.

Blogs, RSS / Atom News Feeds
we set up and maintain newsfeeds for your news, new products and other timely information that keeps your customers and fans connected to your website on a daily basis. What is an RSS or Atom syndication Feed.

ECommerce Set-up and Management
we provide turn-key Ecommerce operations and include the ability to provide full content management, order processing and fullfillment services in Canada.

Online Surveys
we set up and manage comprehensive online or email surveys with data analysis of the aggregate or ongoing results.
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